The Story

Pemulwuy, a proud and feared Aboriginal warrior, who leads an uncompromising twelve-year war against British Colonial oppression and makes the supreme sacrifice in order to guide his people to safety.

The untouched and idyllic world of the Indigenous people is thrown into chaos and flux as the First Fleet arrives and Colonial oppression forges across a sacred land, with precious hunting grounds compromised, and disease quickly spreading, decimating the Aboriginal population.

As the two ideologies collide, Pemulwuy, a strong and feared warrior rouses the spirits of his ancestors and against overwhelming odds takes the fight to the white invaders.

Using nothing more than the spear in his hand, the eons of inherited knowledge, unwavering courage and determination, Pemulwuy forges a twelve-year guerrilla style war against the might of the British Colony. 

Today, Pemulwuy’s legend as an Indigenous Warrior continues throughout the aural history of the Sydney basin, a story of courage and resistance by the true owners of this precious Country.

Pemulwuy’s heroism as a leader, son, brother and father continues to be a symbol of pride for Indigenous Australians, this is a story that will shine a light on Australia’s shared history and those who forged the Australian identity.


The community elders supporting the Pemulwuy movie descend from the Dharug, Bidjigal and Dharawal  communities. 

Our Country

Pemulwuy will be produced utilising the real locations in which we know historically Pemulwuy lived and breathed.

Ancestral Remains

On 2 June 1802, Pemulwuy was killed, bringing an abrupt end to his long-fought battles with encroaching British invaders.